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About us


One day, when I was 5 years old, my Mum took me out to visit one of her friends. We went in my Mum’s friend’s car and I was amazed how different it was to any other car I had seen before. It intrigued me how we put all our bags and things into the boot at the front of the car – just where the engine should have been! I wondered where the engine was and then realised it was at the back of the car – where the boot should have been!! The atmosphere in the car was as curvy and cool as the outside and from then on I was hooked on VW`s!

When I was 17, I passed my test and bought my first car…a 1966 VW Beetle. By the time I was 25 I had owned three Beetles and a split screen camper which I had paid just £500 for! That was worth a month’s wages then. I’m now in my mid-forties and I’ve not stopped driving, owning, restoring, loving and breathing VW’s!!

The days have gone when I was driving around in VWs that had seen better days; now I have the time to lovingly restore them to their former glory, where they are only worthy of coming out on a sunny day, a special day,  your wedding day!



◾Your choice of stunning and beautiful wedding VWs.
◾A wide selection of ribbons and bows, to dress your chosen wedding VW and co-ordinate with your day -We also offer personalised ribbons featuring your names in your chosen colour.
◾An experienced chauffeur – dressed in suit & tie, or a more casual look if you prefer!
◾Chauffeuring your wedding party to the ceremony and on to your reception.
◾Hood up or down.
◾20% Multi car discount.
◾Multiple trips (if it is a short distance between two locations)
◾VWs happy to pose for photos throughout your day.
◾A reliable and punctual service.
◾ No hidden extra costs.
◾Only one wedding per vehicle per day guaranteed.

camper wedding car