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Terms & Conditions

We pride ourselves on being very flexible and non-officious, offering a very personal service. However, we thought it prudent to clarify the terms of our service.
1. Each car will be fully cleaned, polished and valeted prior to leaving our premises and travelling to the pick-up address. Though we will use any available spare time prior to departing for the wedding venue to clean-off the worst of any fresh dirt and flies, we cannot guarantee that the car will be 100% clean if the distance traveled from our premises is great, the weather is bad or the road is muddy or wet.
2. It is the responsibility of the client to verify that the published details, dates, times and addresses are correct when the wedding co-ordinator contacts you a few days prior to the wedding.
3. Every care is taken to maintain the elderly vehicles in first class condition, but in the unlikely event that the car booked is unable to complete the engagement (owing to mechanical failure, accident or any other cause whatsoever), we will endeavour to provide an alternative We will accept no liability for any consequential loss.
4. We accept no liability for any unforeseen circumstances i.e. mechanical breakdown, punctures, accidents, traffic jams, or severe weather conditions. Severe weather may mean that we have to change the vehicle used.
5. No responsibility will be accepted for restrictions relating to vehicle access at any location.
6. If the pick up address is difficult to find, it is the responsibility of the client to provide accurate directions. The drivers will do a pre wedding run of the proposed route.
7. The driver may refuse to transport passengers or luggage if the vehicle is overloaded.
8. The driver may terminate the booking if the client or passengers cause excessive delays, are disorderly or, in the driver’s judgement, are unfit to travel.
9. We cannot be held responsible or liable for loss or damage to the hirer’s property, luggage, or personal effects howsoever it may be caused.
10. We accept no liability for clothing or any object being marked or dirtied in any way during the duration of the hire.
11. All vehicles are strictly non-smoking.
12. Passengers must not behave in a way which distracts the driver whilst the vehicle is in motion.
13. Hirer`s will be held responsible for any damage to the vehicles howsoever caused by the clients or their guests regardless of cost, including but not restricted to, damage such as stains, cigarette burns, fabric damage.
14. A deposit of 25% is required with all booking. It is non-refundable, in any instance, and/or on cancellation of booking
15. A deposit must be paid within seven days of booking or booking will be cancelled.
16. We reserve the right to alter and amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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